Airborne Jeep

By | April 13, 2016

British Airborne Jeep

The Airborne Jeep was a modified version of the standard Willys MB or Ford GPW. The overall dimensions and weight were reduced to enable the vehicle to be loaded into a Horsa Glider.

Airborne Jeep

Airborne Jeep being loaded into a Horsa Mk 1 Glider

Airborne Jeep

Airborne Jeep being loaded into a Horsa Mk 11 Glider with the hinged front

The main modifications to the standard Jeep for airborne use were

 Removal of the windscreen, and the fitting of a detachable steering wheel with the horn button fitted to the dashboard.

Cutting the ends off the front bumper, removing the rear bumpers and grab handles.

Relocating the spare wheel from the rear to in front of the radiator grill. This gave the radiator some protection, but unfortunately caused over heating.

The rear Jerry can was relocated between the front seats, and a fold down rack fitted to the rear panel. The Entrenching tools removed from the side of the vehicle.

There were many other versions, some made up in the field.

Airborne Jeep

British troops after unloading from the glider.

Airborne Jeep

A very good display of Airborne Jeeps and equipment by the Summer of 44  WW2 Living History Group