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Follow me Jeeps

Willys Jeeps were used on war time airfields to direct aircraft to their dispersal points on the airfield, they were know as “Follow Me Jeeps”. Used on airfields that had both fighters and bombers based on them. There was a need to get aircraft off the runway quickly and to a designated place for refuelling and loading… Read More »

Willys Jeeps at the Goodwood Revival

The Goodwood Revival is much more than just Classic car racing, it has something for everyone. With most of the people attending dressing in period cloths or wartime uniforms, it has a great atmosphere. There was no shortage of Willys Jeeps at the Goodwood Revival, taking you back to a time when Jeeps mixed with Spitfires and Hurricanes on… Read More »

Jeep Forward Control

The Jeep Forward Control was lunched by Willys in 1956, it featured a cab over design. The model was the FC 150 with the mechanics based on the CJ-5 Willys Jeep. The wheelbase was 81” and the pickup bed was 78” long. The power came from the 134 cu in (2.2 litres) Hurricane engine. In… Read More »

WW2 Radio Jeeps

Radios were fitted to many vehicles during WW2, the smallest being the Austin seven. This was a very lightweight vehicle, with good off road capabilities. The disadvantages of the little Austin was its small size, limited weight carrying capacity and the lack of four wheel drive. When the Willys Jeeps became widely available in 1942,… Read More »

Jeep Rocket Launcher

The Jeep was a very versatile vehicle and could be converted to many different configurations during its role in the war.   This particular conversion saw the Jeep turn into a rocket launcher The Jeep was fitted with the T36 Multiple Artillery Rocket Launcher, which consisted of two banks of six rocket tubes one on top of the other.… Read More »

European SAS Jeep

Robert Abbott’s European SAS Jeep build The European SAS Jeep appeared when the Allies invaded Europe, It was different from the desert SAS Jeep, being armoured and carrying two self sealing 30 gallon fuel tanks, it was still heavily armed. There are no original British SAS Jeeps surviving, Robert Abbott has recreated an example and this is how he went… Read More »

SAS European Jeep

The SAS European Jeep appeared when the War moved to Europe They would be fighting a different type of war. No longer would they need to worry about weight, as they weren’t going miles behind enemy lines through the desert any more.   The Jerry cans were now replaced by two permanent 30 gallon self-sealing fuel… Read More »

SAS Jeeps

Western Desert SAS Jeeps The Special Air Service was formed in July 1941 by David Stirling. It was a commando force that would operate behind enemy lines in the North African desert. Initially it consisted of five officers and 60 other ranks. On its first mission, the SAS were dropped by parachute, but it proved… Read More »

Flying Jeep

A Flying Jeep The Rotabuggy flying Jeep was designed by Raoul Hafner of the Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment, England. The flying Jeep was in fact an autogiro. the main rota was not powered so it needed to be towed for the rota to spin and give lift. The prototype was built in 1942 by R. Malcolm… Read More »

Airborne Jeep

British Airborne Jeep The Airborne Jeep was a modified version of the standard Willys MB or Ford GPW. The overall dimensions and weight were reduced to enable the vehicle to be loaded into a Horsa Glider. Airborne Jeep being loaded into a Horsa Mk 1 Glider Airborne Jeep being loaded into a Horsa Mk 11 Glider… Read More »