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Classic Jeeps is a helpful and illustrated guild to WW2 Jeeps. Follow the links or go to the contents page for all the resources you need. Home of WW2 willys and Ford Jeeps, full of information, all the Willys and Ford chassis numbers and where you should be able to find them, helping you date your Jeep to the nearest month and year. How to tell the difference between the Willys MB, Ford GPW, and Hotchkiss M201 Jeeps with pictures showing how they differ, very important if you don’t want to buy a Hotchkiss pretending to be a Willys Jeep.  A very comprehensive Jeep buyers guide, things to look for and also a full in depth price guide to how much each type of Jeep is worth. If you are looking mark a Jeep with the correct unit and regimental markings, our comprehensive pages on the British and American markings will ensure you get your Jeep looking correct. Our history of Jeeps tells how the Jeep came about telling the story from the prototypes and the early models right up to the standard war time Jeep.