Military Vehicle Insurance

Jeeps and Military Vehicle Insurance

Making sure you are covered

There are several Insurance companies who offer cover for Military vehicles, most offer their policies through Insurance brokers due to this being a specialized market.

There are several things to consider before taking out Military Vehicle Insurance.

What do you need covered, below are a few things that you may want to consider when getting a quote

How much discount for being a member of a  Military Vehicle Club
What are the different levels of excess
Does the policy include comprehensive EU driving cover
How easy is it to get an agreed value
Can you have more than one vehicle on the policy
What is the level of cover when driving an MV not belonging to you
Cost of Military Vehicle Breakdown Assistance, UK and EU

It is a good idea to join a Military Vehicle Club. most insurers prefer you to be a member of a recognised club and will give you discount. The Military Vehicle Trust ( MVT ) and the Invicta Military-Vehicle Preservation Society ( IMPS ) are a good start. There are many benefits to being a member of one of the clubs, from information, finding parts, to getting your Military vehicle registered with the DVLA.

Something to consider when taking out a policy is the extra equipment you have on your vehicle, such as radios, guns, etc. It would be a good idea to get a cost for the extra cover before taking out the vehicle policy.

For an agreed value on your vehicle most companies require colour pictures, one from each side, one front, one rear and one of the engine bay.

How do you value your Jeep? a good start would be to look at our Jeep price guide page  One thing to remember is that when you look at Jeep or other Military vehicle adverts, the price on the advert is not necessarily the price the vehicle sold for, so they can be misleading to a potential buyer as to the true value of a Military Jeep. 

We would recommend you obtain more than one quote to ensure the policies you are offered cover all of your requirements.

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