Willys Jeep colours WW2

There are many articles written about the correct Olive Drab paint on WW2 Jeeps, there appears to be no one paint colour that can be confirmed as the correct one. Many different shades where used, the American Olive drab differs from the British Olive drab. Some vehicles were painted with mixed colours from old stock, some painted in the field. It really comes down to personal choice, several supplier’s of Jeep parts have ready mixed Olive drab paint. They again are different shades so you have a choice.

The colours shades show on this page may vary on different computers, your local paint distributor should have a paint colour chart you check before purchase

Sample colours for American Olive Drab paint in RAL number

Olive Drab Paint  Olive Drab Paint  Olive Drab Paint

Beware, if you order Olive Drab from a main suppler you may not get the shade you require, this is RAL Olive Drab

 Olive Drab Paint

Sample colours for British Olive Drab paint in BS numbers

Olive Drab Paint  Olive Drab Paint  Olive Drab Paint

The paint can be ordered from a main paint stockist using the RAL number or the BS number, we would advise that you look at the colour charts at the stockist before you order the paint.

For British Military Vehicle Markings, Click Flag

For American Military Vehicle Markings, Click Flag