Overlord show 2018 Classic JeepsThis years Overlord show organised by the SOE military collectors club was a great success again, with over 300 military vehicles in attendance. It is interesting to see how from a few people getting together some years ago and forming the SOE club to see it grow into what it is today, a very popular club with military vehicle owners on the south coast . A Classic Jeeps team member attended one of their club nights, he was made to feel very welcome by people he did not know and was please to see how friendly and easy going the club night was, they had ever laid on curry for anyone feeling peckish. He had a chat with John and Richard, he said that it was no surprise that the Overlord show 2018  had a nice friendly feel about it, after attending the club night.     Overlord show 2018 Classic JeepsAt the show was a good selection of post war vehicles, some rather nice Ferret scout cars and a good showing of forward control LandroversOverlord show 2018 Classic JeepsWhile walking around the show you could not help notice a Jeep or two, it was noticeable that we are seeing more British Jeeps now, something we commented on in our article on 73rd anniversary of the D Day landings in Normandy last year. All three makes of Jeeps were represented at the show and great attention to detail in the displays was evident. Many hours go into the displays and vehicles by people attending the show and it was much appreciated by the 1000’s of visitors to the Overlord show 2018    Overlord show 2018 Classic JeepsMilitary Landrovers seem to be gaining popularity, no surprise really when you see Jeep prices getting higher all the time and unfortunately putting them out of reach of some people. So the Landrover is a good substitute and can be fitted out in military guise with the many parts available.   Overlord show 2018 Classic JeepsDerick Forman brought along his Soviet built 1944 Gaz 67b together with his friends 1945 model, both vehicles having been through a very careful restoration process. The Gaz was the Soviet’s answer to the American Jeep. The Bantam Jeep was the roll model for the first version which was produced in 1943. The French Army reenactment group put on a good display of French vehicles. We had a chat to Gary who’s 1960 Hotchkiss Jeep was very interesting, being powered by a diesel engine. Chris Harris was looking very dapper riding his DKW outfit in Free French markings. Chris joined Classic Jeeps on our tour of Normandy this year and met one of our group Martin, who is very knowledgeable regarding German vehicle markings and is advising Chris as to the correct German markings for his outfit.   Overlord show 2018 Classic JeepsAs always at the Overlord show the diaramors and displays were outstanding the effort put into these was breathtaking all we can say is fantastic job guys. If you like small military vehicles, the model tank display was very interesting. Overlord show 2018 Classic JeepsRichard Salters superb Loyd Carrier was there as well as his Leyland Hippo. Ian Hughes took time out from his busy schedule to bring along one of his tanks, this one being the Soviet T54  Overlord show 2018 Classic JeepsThe arena at the Overlord show 2018 featured displays by military vehicles being put through their paces, a Jeep with the front wheels airbourne, Austin Seven, Dodge’s Chevrolets, Motorcycles and Mark Harvey’s Hillman staff car, we are looking forward to Mark finishing his Chevy and the Jeep. The battle reenactments were very realistic and loud, and a very good display by the cadets. George Williamson brought his rather unique Kegresse P107 halftrack along, this vehicle was featured on our Classic Military Vehicles website together with the history of Adolphe Kegresse the inventor of the track system on this vehicle, it also contains a video of the vehicles crossing from the Middle East to China.

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