The O’Laughlin tracked Jeep is a very rare example of one of the Jeep variants that never made it into production. The vehicle was tested by the American Army at the Aberdeen Proving grounds in September 1943. Very little is known about this vehicle other than a few photographs.   Tracked Jeep Classic appears that it was constructed using a Willys MB Jeep and some parts from the Studebaker T15 Cargo Carrier. The small boogie wheels set in a V shape can be seen in the top right picture. For steering the tracked Jeep, a selective braking method was used through the standard Jeep  braking system. Only two prototypes were produced and neither have survived, the fate of the vehicles is unknown. The first model was basically a Willys Jeep with tracks, the second O’Laughlin Jeep was fitted with a wooden cargo body. No Test results or other records appear to have survived.