Willys Jeep – Winterizing

By | December 31, 2016

Willys Jeep - Winterizing

Willys Jeep winterizing

Willys Jeep – Winterizing, the best start is to check or replace the anti-freeze in the radiator. The anti-freeze and water mix should be 50/50. But make sure that the anti-freeze you are using is not pre-mixed. This should provided a -30 F degree of protection. Always check the radiator when the engine cold. Take the cap carefully.  Good quality anti-freeze should be good for about five years after which it should be replaced.

Keep your fuel tank full over the winter, the more fuel in the tank the less air from which moisture can be condensed.

The engine oil recommended by the Ordnance department is SAE 30 for +32 degrees Fahrenheit (freezing point) and above, if however you intend to drive your Jeep when temperatures are below freezing it is recommended that your engine oil should be changed to SAE 10. Warning. Don’t forget to change the oil as the temperatures rise above freezing point. Damage can occur in your engine if you run with the incorrect oil, if in doubt contact one of the Jeep experts in out Jeep directory.

Check tyre pressures and the tyre condition before setting out.

When driving in snow or icy conditions, the secret is to drive smoothly and steady. Don’t slam on the brakes if you begin to slid, stay calm steer into the slid. The more gently you drive the safer you will be.