General maintenance/Technical Data

WW2 Jeep Maintenance should be carried once a year or every 4000 miles which ever comes first. However before you take your Jeep out for a drive you should always check engine oil and coolant levels, lights and brakes.

WW2 Jeep Maintenance

A basic Maintenance and safety check

Check the engine oil level, it’s a good idea to change your oil and also the oil filter regally. Check the levels of the gearbox, transfer box and axles, Check the water level in the radiator and make sure you have anti freeze in the water. Take out the spark plugs they should be a straw brown colour, clean and check the gaps, which should be .030 gap. Make sure you do not mix up the plug leads when removing them. Remove the distributor cap and look at the points, if they are badly pitted replace them. If they are in good condition give them a clean and check the gap. Should be .020.  Also check for cracks in the distributor cap. Make sure all the HT, battery, starter and other leads are all tight and in good condition. Check the carburettor and fuel lines for leaks. Check the brake fluid level, the master cylinder is under a small round plate on the floor between the brake and clutch pedals. Rock the steering wheel from side to side while looking at the front wheel, look for excessive play. For safety reasons repairs should be carried out by a WW2 Jeep specialist. Check for loose wheel nuts, get hold of the top of the wheel and give it few tugs feel for play in the wheel bearings. Check the tires for correct pressures and look at the springs for any signs of cracks. This only a basic check and we recommend that if you are in anyway unsure. You should take your Jeep to one of the WW2 Jeep specialists for a service and safety check.

WWII Willys Jeep Technical Data

WW II Willys Jeep Dimensions 

     Length                     132 ½ inches                Width                       62 inches

Height (top down)   52 inches                     (top up)        69 ¾ inches

          Wheelbase     80 inches                               Ground clearance     8 ¾ inches

        Tire size        16 x 6 inches                Tire pressures   35 psi front and rear

Track centre to centre                          Front and rear           49 inches

Curb weight                                       Including fuel and oil    2,453 lbs

Maximum pay load   800 lbs         Maximum trailed load   1,000 lbs


Maximum speed in high range      3rd gear (top)  65 mph   2nd gear 41 mph   1st gear 24 mph   Reverse 18 mph

Maximum speed in low range      3rd gear (top)  33 mph  2nd gear 21 mph  1st gear 12 mph  Reverse  9 mph

Turning circle  17 ½ feet  Fording depth 21 inches

Maximum tow bar pull      1,930 lb’s

Fuel consumption               22/24 mpg average

Fuel range                          200/250miles


Engine oil;  dry         5 Quarts / 10 pints

Refill      4  Quarts /  8 pints

Gear box                     ¾ Quarts   /  1 ½ pints

Transfer box             1 ½ Quarts  /   3 pints

Differentials              1 ¼    Quarts  /  2 ½ pints

Steering box               ¼   Quarts  /   ½ pint

Fuel tank                   12 gallons (UK gallons)

Cooling system            11 Quarts  / 22 pints

Willys Jeep

Look after your Military Jeep and it will look after you